Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Got Tagged Again

Originally written and published -Tuesday, December 4, 2007 

I was once again tagged, this time by a childhood friend named Kelly to post 10 things about myself so that you may judge me more sufficiently....

1.) I had to rewrite this because I was on 9 and I hit the Backspace bar with out a cursor on the screen and it erased every thing!!

2.) Between the ages of 5 and 10 I collected raccoon stuffed animals. I had like 15 of them.

3.) Saturday night I went to the Christmas concert of the choir I am in (I took this season off because of my surgery) and I slipped on the ice while stepping on to the sidewalk. All the old people started freaking out, asking me if I needed an ambulance and what not.... It was F'ing cool, and I was fine.

4.) I hate the way choir is spelled. If you sound it out.... It should be spelled quior.... or at least chior....  What's up with that???

5.) To date I have 2,386 views on my blog, but only 4 subscribers.... who is reading/watching this shit???

6.) I have 7 cell phones scattered around my bedroom, I have used all but 1 (the one I bought for my mom, the Christmas before she died). I buy a new one but have never gotten rid of any of them.

7.) Yesterday I tipped 4 people for the great services they provided at a total of $50.11 (ok, the service at the Pancake House wasn't that good, but the broiled cod was, and she only got $3)

8.) My first kiss ever was from a girl in my first grade class named Jill Marth (she kissed me.... I was awesome)

9.) I have an allergy to the coagulant that holds the flavor to milk (or at least the one they used 30 years ago) I have never hade a real chocolate milk.

10.) The four dots that I use to separate ideas in these facts is a shout out to a former friend. And I miss you Moni 

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