Sunday, October 24, 2010

A "Bloody" Piece of Steak

Originally written and publish -Sunday, May 11, 2008 

Some of you know that I just returned to work after 6 weeks of medical leave because of a sever intestinal problem. Well needless to say money has been more then tight. But every single day I have scraped together 50 cents to go up to the local bar and sign the book (pay 50 cents sign your name and if they draw your name the next day you win the pot, which is now at $900.00).

Now you might think that was a stupid way to spend what little money I did or didn't have at the time, but every 18 months my name comes up like clock work. This is that time. So, on Friday I got my first paycheck in almost two months and it was for only for half the pay period. But it was so nice to have money again. Even if I could only pay a couple of the many overdue bills I have, I still allowed myself $85.00 to have in my pocket for if nothing else the enjoyment of being able to buy something.

So last night one of my favorite bands was playing at a bar 9 miles from my house and since it was an acoustic show I knew it wouldn't be more then a five dollar cover.

So, about 8:00pm after making a video for a friend on YouTube, I got ready to go out. Before heading out the door, I realized I needed to eat. I hadn't eaten since noon. My sister was putting away the leftovers from the dinner she cook for my dad. She cooked him steak, and my sister cooks a mean steak. Lately I haven't had a problem getting steak down, so I cut myself about three or four ounces and started to eat it.

After finishing most of it I realized that I was running late. The show started at 10 and I still had to go to Watson's sign the book, say hello to the regulars, and get my ass to New Lenox to see Mr. Blotto

When I got to Watson's I had this horrible feeling come over me, the steak must have dried out too much because it wasn't sitting well with me. So the best thing to do in this case is to get a tall glass of ice-cold water, and let my newly augmented stomach panic and send it all back up. The pain stops, and all is right with the world. Expect if someone happens to be in the bathroom taking too long.

So I get a cup from the bartender, and have at it, outside. Because you can longer smoke in any building with public access in Illinois I had an audience, but not just any audience a DRUNK AUDIENCE. You know the kind over dramatic, think that they know everything ECT, ECT... So after ten minute of BSing my way through their Jack Daniel's wisdom, I noticed the time and quickly jumped in my car and headed off to Blottopia.

I had a surprise waiting for me there, and I enjoyed my night and went home as soon as they stopped playing.

This morning I wake up, and realized I forgot to sign the book. So in a panic I ran to the bar and asked the bartender to sign for today, and if I could sign for last night. She said "the money has already been dropped for last night so, No you can only sign for today." As I left I told her" Don't let anyone draw my name.

At 6pm tonight I went back to the bar to get some ice, and when I walked in everyone was staring at me. Then someone pointed to the sign that showed my worst fear had come true.... They pulled my name.


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