Sunday, October 24, 2010

A good Credit Score & 20% Down, You Can Dismantle My Childhood

Originally written and published -Monday, May 21, 2007

Toady I was on my way to my doctors office to get a hand full of referrals in preparation for up coming surgery, when I passed by the land where my childhood home used to be.

The local fire department burned it down 23 years ago for some good old fashioned practice. Since then it has sat there mostly untouched with all the trees and barns still in tacked, I could drive by and see so many memories, but now that to is a thing of the past.

Now that they are building new homes (and I suppose new memories). A sign posted near my old driveway said "Starting in the low 290's and going fast!!".

Now for that area 290 is dirt cheap. My parents paid 75 dollars a month for five bedrooms and 110 acres.

Although nothing of the old landscape remains but the driveway. I could still see so many things that haven't been there since Ronald Reagan was in office. ( by the way ... my little brother sued "Ronnie" while in office and at the age of  7, and got what he asked for)

As I drifted back to that place in time, I found so many memories waiting for me.  Like sending countless hours pretending my bike was the Mach 5 (from Speed Racer) or the garden where I spent hot summer days avoiding picking weeds, and dreaming of a life easier then the one I was given.

 So many things came up for me, it was sad and sweet......

My dad could throw a football about a mile and a half back then, and my mother made the best soup and bread on the face of the planet, but only on Saturdays.

I thought about the day my little sister Meghan was born and how I called out to my mother countless times to see if I could come down stairs and meet my new sister. Now Meghan has a daughter of her own.

In my minds eye I could see the chair that I was tied up to while my parent took turns beating me for an hour and a half, because of a Parent/Teacher Conference gone wrong. And the barn where walking out the backdoor magically took you to the land of Narnia. I saw the tree I cried under the night my dog Monty died.

I can't help but wonder what will happen there in the future, and if some guy in his mid-thirties will someday blog about it and the times he had growing up in that little place in the world I use to call home.

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